An OutDaughtered Mardi Gras Bash

We are a Louisiana family and a big part of our heritage is to celebrate Mardi Gras.  We would look forward to getting off of school for an extended weekend every year and going to all of the parades and other fun festivities surrounding the holiday.

We try to keep the traditions alive with the kids, now that we live in Texas. Mardi Gras in Texas is definitely not Louisiana, but we still have a great time.  This has been the second year in a row that the quints have been able to go to the Galveston Island Mardi Gras Dog parade and Children’s parade.  It was a lot different last year, because they barely left the stroller for the entire time.  Ahhh…. Things were much simpler then..

This year, the girls are full on walkers and there was no way that we could have been able to leave them cooped up in the strollers through the two parades.  Luckily, we had a great group of friends that joined us for the day and helped us keep a nice little barrier around this crazy group of toddlers.



The girls definitely attracted a lot of attention, especially with their Sew Sassy LSU icings and purple shirts.  They were perfect for the days festivities!  We had a little side show going on for the day.  We still aren’t 100% used to the attention that we get when we are out and about with the girls and still get freaked out when people take photos in public.  I guess its one of those things that we may never quite get completely used to.

To finish off the Mardi Gras Festivities, we headed over to The RouxPour – Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, TX for Fat Tuesday festivities.  The girls had a blast just running around out on the lawn at the mall, getting their faces painted and listening to live music.

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras where you are from?  If so, how was your Mardi Gras weekend?

Hope you enjoy our video from the weekend!  Come along for all the Action!