Dad Fail at Telling Twins Apart

We have been getting a lot of requests for an updated video about telling the girls apart, so daddy tried to put a quick video together this week while mommy was getting dressed for our church small group.  Danielle and I have been going to a new couples small group and we are absolutely loving it.  It’s been a while since our schedule has allowed us to get out of the house for a night together per week, but we know that this is a huge priority in our life and is vital to keeping Christ first in our Marriage and home.

The quints are at such a fun age right now, where they love to laugh and just feed off of each other’s silliness.This day was no exception and things can go off the rails quickly with this group of girls.


There is also some really fun stuff at the end with Olivia’s new favorite thing to do. Big sister Blayke thought her to jump from the coffee table to the couch. The way she does it is hilarious.

I know some people may disapprove of me letting the girls do this, but they were just being silly and I was egging them on a little by acting aurprised when they would say “Go away.”  I try to give them structure but also let them be silly solders as well.

Our parenting styles will never align with everyone out there, but our girls definitely know when it’s ok to play and be silly and when it’s not.   All i know is, we are having a lot of fun with them right now.