One Week Quint Surviving

We have successfully made it a week with five baby girls and one 4 yr old at home. Holy smokes! We are still alive…LOL….and surviving. I can hear Beyonce singing in my head – “I’m a survivor..” Haha.

I don’t even know where to start with this update…I think the one question everyone wants to know is ‘What is it like with quints?’ Well I’ll just start by saying it is….NON STOP! Ha. The best way to describe a typical 24 hr day…it’s just Go! Go! Go! I kind of feel like the Groundhog Day movie…everything is just on a repeated cycle over and over and over again, wooh whoo. It seems like there are no more days and nights for me…it is just ‘time’. The babies are on a 3 hour schedule…and feeding five babies at a time takes a hour…unless there are 5 adults in the house to help feed all the babies at once, then we can be done in 30 minutes (SO AWESOME when this happens!). I am real hesitant to feed all at once because it potentially makes the next feeding round CRAY-ZAY …where they all want to start at the same time…BUT every once in a while you just need the extra time after.) On a good ’round’ when you can get the babies fed in 30 minutes, it gives us 2 hours of ‘other time’….which that ‘other time’ doesn’t really mean ‘let me relax / do what I want’…it means –> lets wash bottles, prep bottles, pre-draw reflux meds in syringe, pick up dirty baby clothes/burp rags/etc…..the list goes on….and then next thing you know its 30 minutes before the next feed so its time to start prepping for the next feed – distribute meds, get bottles ready/warmed, change diapers, then feed. I would say that with five babies, there is always a baby that is needing attention of some sort. So even when they are all sleeping during the day….there is a least one baby that you need to put paci in their mouth, ta ta the baby a minute, or just whatever….but I think the longest it has ever been quite in the house without having to give attention to a baby has been ummm like 10-15 minutes…fun right?! of course!  I can maybe get a few minutes of ‘me time’ every fews days and this mostly consist of relaxing in the tub around 10pm haha. Yes, I do take showers daily…I think…ha! In most cases when I have free time, choosing to sleep always wins!! I chose to sleep a few times over getting a much needed pedicure but then the day finally came when I chose to GET OUT THE HOUSE FOR ME and went to get a pedicure! That one hour went by way tooo fast! While I was out getting a pedi…Super Dad ‘Buzz’ decided to bathe ALL THE GIRLS!!! UMMMM I need to get out of the house more often!!  WAY TO GO BUZZ!!!….and He ‘said’ none of them cried..ummm yea right, haha.If thats the case Buzz, you get quint bath duty every time … totally ok with that 😉 haha. Bath-Time They have all been really well…given its five babies at a time. Don’t get me wrong, this is a hard job (lol) but with a schedule / system….it makes this all ‘doable’. AND with all the love and support from so many friends, you can see how much God is working through others and His grace is spreading far and wide. ♥ It is SO CUTE to see their personalities coming out more. I can just stare at them laying next to each other ALL DAY…even if they are screaming, its so funny. As I look at this video or pictures of all them next to each other….I just still can’t believe they are all ours!

Well I want to keep going on and on because there is so much I could talk about…. but it has taken me 3 days to actually type this and babies are ready to eat…of course, lol 🙂