Bye Bye Sleep…

Am I actually blogging right now?? Wait….What?!?! There is time for that?? Why am I not sleeping?? Oh yea…had a shot of espresso at 6pm 

Well now that I have a moment to throw out some memories of what has been going on the past week… I better jump on that opportunity before some baby starts crying 🙂 We have officially made it a week with four of our babies home – Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker Kate. Ava is still in the hospital taking her grand ‘ol time to make her appearance at home…It seems to be that Ava really enjoys the hospital, lol, but little miss Ava…Mommy says it’s time to come home 😉

Ava is our baby that has pretty bad reflux…and due to this reflux issue…she has “episodes” about every 4-7 days….which to us means that she had a brady (bradycardia….a drop in the heart rate). When this happens her count down clock starts back over 🙁 and she much be brady free for minimum of 5 days to be able to come home….and Ava really likes to show us how she can brady usually on the 5th day…of course on go home days. Grrrrrr! But honestly, If she is going to keep having them regularly like this, I’m glad she is having them while still in NICU. We are really hoping the next “day 5” we can actually get here home and that day could possibly be tomorrow.

Ava is 7lbs 1oz


Olivia is 6 lbs 13.5oz

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Hazel is 5 lbs 13oz

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Riley is 6 lb 8 oz

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Parker Kate is 7lbs 5oz


Surprisingly having four of the babies at home hasn’t been “that bad” (I kinda laugh when I say that out loud because it sounds like I’m a crazy person for saying its not bad…hahahaha!)….with the exception of Wednesday night….our first night with fussy babies ALL NIGHT! I didn’t go to sleep till 7am the next morning BUT did sleep till 1pm that day..Ahhhhhhh. (Video post on that story coming soon).  Anyway…it actually has gone pretty well given the schedule and routine we have. From day one, the “to do’s” became organized and put in a system…follow the schedule = no issues (in theory, ha). There are days that we have “fails”…we call them “mom fails”, “dad fails” or “whoever is caring for the baby at the moment fail”. For instance….I forgot to put the right size nipple on Olivia bottle, therefore made her struggle trying to eat her supper think milk…. “Mom Fail”, lol. We have had good laughs too…like when Nana changed Riley’s diaper and then forgot to put another diaper on her HAHAHA!! I still laugh about this because it was so funny. Riley wanted to just stretch out and relax on floor after a big poop. She laid on the floor for about a hour …then Buzz went to change her diaper before the next feed and woop! no diaper on under her gown Hahahaha! We laughed!!! It has also been going pretty smoothly because we have had a lot of love and support from family and friends….makes everything so nice!!! So grateful for each and every person who has help feed babies, clean house, wash clothes and bottles, bring meals….the list could go on!! Big hugs to all of you!!! My Mom and sister Ashley were here the first few nights…don’t know what we would have done without them being here….huge help for sure!!! It was…is… definitely exhausting trying to get adjusted to the no sleep routine haha. I never thought I would be able to function so well with a total of 4-5 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. We got adjusted to four baby routine and then Buzz had to go back to work….whoomp whoomp ;( NO FUN at all! He gets the luxury to sleep after the 11pm feed to the 5am feed….only because he needs to be ‘alive’ at work the next day. It is kind of funny because everything we do, we say “…and we still have one more baby to throw in the mix” (LOL). Some people ask ‘ How do you do it’…well the only answer I can give is…” I just do it…its got to be done”. But in all honesty, every morning I pray for energy and strength. I am reminded each and every day when I look at each baby that God gave us these precious miracles and that “I CAN DO THIS”….even if its hard.








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