Quintuplet Maternity Pictures

Being pregnant with Quintuplets is a whole lot different than just being pregnant. So many more aches and pains…so quickly. I was not at all wanting to do any maternity pictures because everyday is filled with some kinda uncomfortableness. BUT …. I have this one picture framed on the wall in our bedroom from when I was pregnant with Blayke that I look at everyday and its just such a great reminder of the miracle that God placed inside me. As much I did not want to take maternity pictures this pregnancy, I knew one day I would miss not capturing atleast a few pictures with our FIVE babies growing inside my belly. I know I take weekly photos of my growing belly, but this photo session, to me, was an extra special session. Though many will look at these pictures and think its just a ‘normal’ maternity session … to me…it just has so much more meaning. I will always remember these days during my quintuplet pregnancy  AND I am happy I actually got up, threw some clothes on, and put makeup on to capture my quintuplet pregnancy.

FIVE babies are growing inside my belly!! It sometimes is STILL so unbelievable to imagine. 

Though I can feel the pains of this miracle daily, it is truly amazing that I have been chosen this path. I will take whatever pain is to come my way to have FIVE healthy little princesses.

Photo credit goes to Heather ♥ HF Photography

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AND….Can’t forget about these cute pictures of my BIG little Princess ♥

BusbyQuintsMaternity_09 BusbyQuintsMaternity_10








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