Adam’s take on 5 girls

Lots of people have been asking me if I am bummed that I’m not getting a boy. Yes… It was a little bit of a disappointment, but in the whole scheme of things I am completely fine with it. This pregnancy with these now 5 girls is extremely high risk. Nothing is certain until the day that we take our 5 miracles home with us. Running all of the scenarios in my head of everything that can go wrong, finding out that I am having 5 girls is the least of my concern. Coming home with my beautiful wife and 5 baby girls is all that I care about.
I’m asked quite often if I am terrified about having 5 kids all at once. Being a guy that thinks extremely logically, tries to play out every possible solution, and be ready for anything; I should be. I am completely at peace with the fact that my God holds this entire pregnancy in his hands. None of these obstacles that are in our way are a surprise to Him. Sometimes it is easier said than done when we get a scary report . I try to remind myself each day that He has a perfect plan for my family and none of this is about Danielle and I.  This journey that we are on is all being orchestrated to give himself the glory. Sometimes we get scared of things that the doctor tells us, but it just causes us to lean on His understanding even more and to be more specific about our prayers. I truly believe that he is using Danielle and I for something pretty big. We get glimpses of what it may be from time to time, but still do not know fully or why he chose us.
We have tried to be as open with this journey as possible, in order for everyone to stay up to date and know how to specifically keep us in your prayers. I truly believe in the power of prayer and that we can feel all the prayers from everyone all over the world. I should be a nervous wreck after every doctors visit, but that hasn’t been the case. We feel your prayers over us and covet those prayers. I am in awe of the amount of peace and strength that your prayers have given us through this journey. It is so hard to describe the feeling that I have each day and putting it into words is even harder.
Thank you so much for the prayers and support thus far. We will continue to be open with you all, so that you can be specific about how to pray for our family.