Happy Mother’s Day Danielle

Danielle with Ava

Just since last Mother’s Day, our lives have changed in the most extreme of ways.  I still wake up some mornings and have to laugh and shake my head.  I am grateful at this journey that God sent me on with this incredible lady.  I used to go with her and help her babysit while we were dating.  I believe that is where we truly saw that we loved each other.  She has such a way with kids; everything just seems so natural to her.  God was igniting our passion for children from a much younger age.  I could see from way back then, that God was going to do something very special with this woman.

We got married and everyone knows the struggles that we went through trying to conceive Blayke.  God was right there along side us, shaping us and fanning that desire.  God was right there all along though our months and months of rejection even when we started to lose sight of Him.  He was Smiling down on us and embracing us when we fell down at his feet and gave it all to him in surrender and chose to completely trust His perfect plan and His perfect timing in our life.  He was there when we welcomed our first beautiful princess into this world 4 years ago, but knew that His plan for us was FAR from over.

No way would we ever have imagined the story that he had laid out for us.  Here we are today, visiting the 5 most beautiful and perfect little girls along side our sweet Blayke.  We don’t know what else he has in store for us, but I’m so thankful for the woman that I have right by my side.  She impresses me every day of the love and selflessness that she shows our family.  From the way that she mothers Blayke, to how she completely sacrificed her body to give our fab five the best chance at life.  She makes me strive to be better every day.

I love you Beautiful