Second Specialist Appointment

After the painful but uplifting weekend, I was definitely looking forward to seeing our little quints today. Though the wait at the doctors office is so long, those few minutes we have to see the babies on the screen is worth all the wait.

All 5 babies look great! All were right on track for size (all grew since last appointment) and all the heartbeats were strong! When it was time to measure and see heartbeat for each baby, each baby showed us that they could move around like crazy! It is so awesome seeing that!  Baby B (one of twins) kept literally throwing it’s hand up to wave, it was so funny. We were under the impression the babies wouldn’t really move around in the uterus much and that they would stay pretty much in the same location….well not for these fab five, lol. They were all moved around in different places hahaha.

My doctor wants me to do cerclage (sew cervix together) asap. I was hoping I could wait till January for insurance purposes but he suggest we do it asap.

After we confirmed with the doctor that we are keeping all FIVE, he was like “alright! if thats what you want, we will proceed”. He seemed in a lot better mood this visit and I think we both felt better about him after this visit. He also informed us that he has been part of the team for every multiple 4-5-6 baby births in Houston, so that was good to hear.

I am now taking extra iron and extra folic acid on top of my prenatal vitamins. And have to make sure I take in 3 full meals a day, 3 snacks a day (protein), and 2 ensures a day. WOAH!!! Let the pounds start pounding on, lol.

We didn’t get any great pics at the appointment but here was the best we got. Baby A and B are the twins. Poor baby D, can’t see him/her…but almost got all 5 in one image 🙂

Quints 12wks