First Specialist Visit

Yesterday was Danielle’s first appointment with the new Specialist.  We will have to see him every two weeks until delivery.  It was the worst visit yet…

We tried to prepare ourselves going into this visit, because we knew that it wasn’t going to be fun. This is the visit where the Doctor tries everything he can to scare us into “reducing”(aborting) down to a more manageable number.  We heard nothing but the negative side of everything and all of the worst case scenarios in having 5 babies.  Trust me, we have done our research over the past 10 weeks on everything bad that can happen.  He talked to us about all the percentages and risks involved with reducing vs. keeping all 5 to delivery.  He told us that most of the patents that he has end up choosing to reduce (which makes me sick to my stomach) and if we decide to go that route, he would reduce from 5 down to 2.  The craziest part about it was that the reduction procedure alone will jeopardize all of the babies and there was about a 13-14% chance that none of the babies would survive the procedure.  A few minutes later he told us that there was about a 12-13% chance that none of the babies were going to make it to the end if we choose not to do the procedure.  That is crazy to me!

We held by our convictions as Christians and told him that our heart would not change and we were committed to these 5 little miracles to the very end, no matter the outcome.  Our God is much bigger than this and we trust that he is holding all 5 of these babies in his hands.  He has a plan for our family and we are not going to make a decision based on the possibilities of what bad could happen.  There is way too much good if we rely on our faith in Him.

In this visits ultrasound, all 5 baby’s growth is right in line with their age.  All have strong heartbeats.  Everything is looking great!