Hurricane Harvey VLOG: Part 2

In the wake of Hurricane Irma that is currently affecting Florida.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  It’s crazy how we can go over a decade without a major hurricane disaster and then we have had two in the span of a couple weeks.

Hurricane Harvey had us house bound for quite a few days. We had to find lots of ways to entertain six kiddos. Thankfully we had a few breaks in the rain and were able to sneak outside and take a walk down the street to Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dales house. It is so awesome to have family so close by us, because Blayke was able to stay preoccupied with cousins. We had the opportunity to play in the rain puddles…the girls LOVED IT! The quints have never played in rain puddles before and when we finally were able to get outside, we didn’t want to go back in, we played for quite some time in the puddles, and even delayed their nap for a good hour. Pretty brave of us, haha. When you have this many babies, schedule is key…and I just knew delaying nap was going to damper the evening…and well… I was right, haha. But at least the rain puddles were fun while it lasted.


The weather was definitely getting worse these two days, but the storm still hadn’t really made it to our area yet (and it was already flooding in some areas around town!) Stay tuned for part 3. You will get to see our footage of the aftermath and a ground level trip to salvage Mimi’s belongings.