Mother’s Day with OutDaughtered Birth Preview

♥Mother’s Day♥

What an emotional day it has been today. Last year this time we were visiting the quints in the NICU….and though it was an amazing day, it was so hard to not have our babies home with us. Today brought lots of joyful moments with our family of eight, even though we didn’t do anything extra special…we went to church, had our pancake Sunday, we all napped, then played outside the rest of the day.

Today release an exclusive on our show OutDaughtered. THIS was possible one of the best parts of today..Mother’s Day. The clip shows Adam and I meeting the quintuplets for the FIRST TIME! THIS is what made having a camera crew around with it…having these moments captured means the WORLD TO ME! As horrible as it sounds, I don’t really remember meeting all the babies for the first time. I remember meeting Riley and Parker when they wheeled them into me but after that…the rest of the night was all a blur. So THIS..THIS answers everyone’s question to ‘why did you do a reality show’!!!

Click the photo for link to the video and People Magazine article