Evening with the Busby Quints

I always “laugh” when it comes to our evenings….the last hour before the quints go to bed. It is never the same…but always L.O.U.D! We know every evening we have to put on our ‘oh well! its going to be loud’ hat….hahaha. Seriously! We are out numbered so we know someone is going to be screaming…and most the time in the evenings it’s all of them together.

So…here is a little glimpse of what the evening at the Busby’s is like…. 🙂

It starts out nice and quite while we (Adam, Blayke and I) try to eat dinner…so we put on a little Mickey Mouse and see how long we have till the action starts hitting our ears.


Then we gather all on the floor for some play time…also know as ‘keep the babies awake for as long as we can’ so they don’t fall asleep before bed…..


…but we aren’t always successful with keeping them all awake


…and we aren’t always successful in keeping them from ‘cat fighting’ (guess who is doing the shirt pulling???)


….and then its time to make a huge mess…change diapers and put them into their pjs. It is crazy how quick the living room can be a disaster!


Blayke loves to help out for a bit…but soon after she usually finds my phone and takes selfies…HAHA!!! love finding these pics later on my phone, always makes me laugh!



Never a dull moment here ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥