Life is Hectic…But Still Time for Santa

The last few weeks / months have been so busy. Holiday season is here, also tons of family birthdays…and on top of that we have been trying to sell our house. BUT in the midst of all the craziness we still made time for our FIRST Santa picture with Blayke and the quints. Aimee Fuller Photography has captured some great memories for us since the quints have been born and she is literally the best! Such a great talent with a camera but what is also so special about her is she is so great with babies and kids!!When Aimee told us she was doing Santa mini sessions…..there was no doubt in our minds…WE ARE THERE!!!!  The session couldn’t have gone any smoother. Though we did have some crying babies, Aimee managed to capture one with NO CRYING! AMAZING!

It still blows my mind that these precious babies are all ours!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!

Thank you to mommie chic and me for helping with the outfits! The quints were in Lemon Loves Layette red dresses & rompers and Blayke was in Giggle Moon! And can’t our favorite Baby Bling Bows