Month: November 2015

  • Evening with the Busby Quints

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    I always “laugh” when it comes to our evenings….the last hour before the quints go to bed. It is never the same…but always L.O.U.D! We know every evening we have to put on our ‘oh well! its going to be loud’ hat….hahaha. Seriously! We are out numbered so we know someone is going to be…

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    7 Month Old Busby Quints

    The Busby Quints are 7 MONTHS OLD! I can not believe 7 months has gone by.  All the quints are so healthy and happy, getting the hang of rolling over better each day, practicing sitting up by themselves, showing us their attitudes lol, and getting teeth. Olivia got her teeth about 2 weeks ago and now…

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    Our FIRST Halloween as a Family of Eight It all started on Friday night, Halloween Eve. Adam and I had a NIGHT OUT!! We actually went … with no kids!…to a friends Halloween costume party. Of course … being parents of quints and a 4yr old, we were very last minute on our costume….BUT we…