Hurricane Harvey Vlog: Part 1

Hurricane Harvey….how you will definitely be in our memory book for sure. Hurricane Harvey is our FIRST hurricane with the quints, and Blayke. I’m not going to lie… a couple of scary things ran through my head when we found out the hurricane was coming our way…one, HOLY we have to evacuate? two, if we get stuck in our house for consecutive days..what on earth are we going to do with our kids…oh yea and three, will I have any hair left after this (lol).


Both Adam & I grew up in Louisiana and have experienced hurricane after hurricane all our years there…but never have we had to experience a hurricane with our kids, not even with Blayke.  We thankfully did not have to evacuate during Harvey but what we did have to do was find TONS of ways to keep these kids entertained hour after hour, with out being able to out side. This was super challenging because on just a normal day, these kids have to get out of the house daily so we don’t all go bananas. So it was activity after activity, upstairs, downstairs…back up stairs, lol.

Here is a little video of the beginning of our hurricane journey…entertaining the kiddos.


We know so many have lost a lot, my Mom is one of them. We are praying for our community! It is powerful seeing everyone come together during a tragedy. ♥Please get our there and serve if you are able to ♥

Mark12:31  “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

God Bless