Space? Yes, Please!

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What a crazy busy couple of weeks it has been in Buzz World! We sold our home, packed up our entire life and moved to our brand new house…all within a 3 week span. That’s Right!! GO ahead…. imagine what that was like with quintuplets…lol. We were pretty stressed out during Thanksgiving week when our house sold…. and we had no new home lined up. (Who “wants” to let the Busby family of 8 move in….uhhhh NO ONE!) There was a house we had been hoping for that was big enough for our family and on the same street as my sister Ashley’s… but it fell through at the last minute.  I recall Jenny (our realtor and friend) saying…”its because something else better is out there”…and I thought yea right… we will never be able to find something of size and price in the area we wanted…. like NOW! ) We had 3 weeks to get out of our house…AHHHHHH!!…. Which was going to make us homeless during Christmas…Yikes! We had faith though, that God was going to guide us to where we needed to go. So lucky us…we got to spend our Black Friday shopping for houses!!! Too bad there wasn’t a “Black Friday Sale” on homes…hahaha…but come to think of it…. was there?!?!?!?

After looking over the course of the next week, we found two houses that would suit us. One was a little smaller than the other and quite a bit cheaper but the other one had ton of space to grow in. In negotiating with the two builders, we prayed that God would make the decision obvious and… that He did! What happened next was ….like a dream. God so graciously lifted up a special someone with Taylor Morrison and touched their heart with our story…and because of that…our AMAZING God made a way for us to purchase the bigger house!!!! The one with all the SPACE WE NEEDED!! We would never be able to afford a home like this…but this goes to show how MIGHTY our God is and we give all the praise to Him.  He has been providing for us though this entire quintuplet journey… and this process was another HUGE example of Him working through others to provide.

with-TM-teamWe developed a great relationship with our builder over the past month and are truly blessed for their eagerness to help us get in our house with a quick timeline. They pulled together all of their resources and were able to get all of our financing together and close on the same day that we were closing on the sale of our current home. They have an absolutely amazing team that worked countless nights after hours in order to have everything in order to meet the deadline. Yes it was stressful, but they made it as painless as possible. We were no longer homeless on the quint’s first Christmas!

after-signing signing

The last month would not have been possible without the help of one super…duper…excelente realtor!! Jenny Vaughn with Keller Williams, “The Vaughn Team”, you sure did a great job putting up with a lot of high demands and last minute changes from this Busby family. But HEY!! Its not every day you have to find a home for a family with quintuplets….so ‘your welcome’ hahaha you can check that off your realtor bucket list hahaha! XOXO. Jenny is so awesome…she even gave us a ‘gift’ of letting her two girls Aubrey and Avery help with the quints and move some boxes to the new house on closing day  XOXO. SCORE!!! IT was like Win! Win! for us!!  


The thought of moving with babies everywhere was stressful….how on earth would me manage to not interrupt the quints???? Well…I don’t know what we would have done without Kathy and McKenzie on moving day. McKenzie is our daily part time ‘super sitter’ and Kathy is a friend of mine’s mom who volunteers over here every week. Kathy offered to watch the ‘Busby bunch’ on moving day at her house (WHAT A HUGE OFFERING!!!)…so we took her up on it! (It’s a LONG DAY taking care of quints by yourself….and I’m glad McKenzie went to help…because I didn’t know if Kathy would have ever come back after one whole day by herself with them, lol.) This was a bit hard for me… because we don’t take the girls out really…and I had never dropped them off somewhere before. BUT THANK GOODNESS FOR THEIR HELP!!! It made the move that much easier with them not being at the house!! And thank you to a few MPACT girls for volunteering some time to help with the quints too! XOXO



thumbs-down3-men-adamPacking up all of your possessions while caring for a four year old and 5 babies at home is no easy task …AND with Buzz working……there was literally no time to pack up anything. Also, We are still trying to wrap up filming Season 1 of our TV Show, so there are certain things around the house that literally could not be moved until the very last possible minute. During naps and after bed was the only time I had to pack but even that was not enough time to pack up everything. We are so thankful for all the help from friends and family that came by over the past few weeks to help….but even with that help… we still need professional help, lol. We called 3 Men Movers and they were literally our knights in shining armor! They showed up on moving day and finished packing us up, moved us to the new house and unloaded everything in about 5 hours! If it would have been just us, I think we would still be moving stuff…lol. So glad we decided to use professional movers…Thanks to 3 Men Movers we got to be in our new house and it looked “livable” just a few days before Christmas!!  They Even made the girls honorary little movers for the special occasion!


Though it was sad to leave our first home, it feels so amazing to not be stepping over babies, literally. We are in awe over our new home and excited to start our new memories here. Thank you Lord for your provision and unwavering love for our family. You are always there and always providing just when needed.  May your light continue to shine over our family of 8 in the new home you have blessed us with.