Time Is Flying and Quints Are Growing

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So … when is the last time I fully blogged??? OMG!!! Forever. I told myself after the quints came home that I was going to keep the blog up weekly like I had been and then…the real life action started and I’m lucky at this point to get a baby update post up in a few weeks…bummer…but those babies take a lot of my time 😉 

Its been about 2 months since all the quints have been home. I finally feel like I am getting into a better routine. I am all about a schedule and structure, but man! when there are five babies….its a big challenge, but its ok…how boring would it be if it wasn’t challenging, right??? hahahahaha!  IMG_6845ONE thing that is certain….we have had an abundant amount of love spread upon us. The way God has continued to shine through so many family and friends and then friends of friends is overwhelming. We have met some great new friends and the most graceful people I could ever imagine. I still wonder why people come back after helping out one day/evening…because it can get cray cray quick, lol… but the love and help is so wanted. I don’t know how I could mentally be this ‘alive’ without all the ‘adults’ helping out…it gives me a little piece of the day that is not ‘baby related’. It keeps me sane being able to have adult interaction since I don’t get out too often. It is so very hard to accept ‘help’ because it is just not in our nature…but I hope to one day be able to give back and spread the amount of love to others just as others have done to us.

All the babies are growing and growing. It’s crazy how much is changing with them daily. They all weigh around 9 – 10 lbs, Parker Kate being the biggest and Riley & Hazel being the smallest. They are at such a cute age. They are starting to respond to us with smiles and coos….Blayke absolutely loves this!! One of my favorite things to do is “play time” with the girls and put them all next to each other. It is so cute to see them interact with each other…this usually consist of fussing, kicking, and punching each other.

play-time_8-20 IMG_6843

Ava Lane:

Ava-laugh_8-20This girl is on the A team at home (her and Parker Kate). Ava eats the best and sleeps the best. She loves to down a bottle because she knows she can snooze away afterwards. Her big ‘ol dimples are always shining…what a big smile she has. She is solid!! Got rolls but… SOLID! haha. She doesn’t weigh more that much more than the others…but she just feels so much heavier. She is so content just chilling by herself…but boy oh boy does she love her Olivia. Ava and Olivia love to snuggle and it makes my heart smile every time they are snuggling. Some days mommy gets a twinkie snuggle too




Dani-Sleeping_8-20Ava is still on her heart monitor for hopefully just another week or so. When we went to her 4 week follow up visit she decided to have an episode the night before the monitor was going to come off…but this didn’t surprise us…of course Ava decided to do that last minute 😉 Other than her heart monitor being on, she is all good. Still has reflux and on the meds but we can tell she is getting better with it 🙂



Olivia Marie: 

OLIVIA_8-20My Olivia….she is so cute! We always laugh at Olivia. She is so expressive with her eyes and eye brows. You can just look at her and smile because she will more than likely be making a funny face haha. She is a great eater too. This girl doesn’t even have to sit up to burp…she sometimes just stops sucking on the bottle and then burps. We always said if we let her, she would eat a cow…and this still holds true. Her little attitude comes out every now and then…and since its not all the time, when her screaming / attitude pops out…it just makes me laugh. Olivia is so happy though..always smiling now…even at 3am. ♥ When her and Ava snuggle, she always wants to be over Ava, meaning…Olivia arm or leg or something has to be on top….’she the boss’. 😉

Ava-and-Olivia_8-20Olivia’s one remaining follow up after being discharged was her eye appointments. We had to follow up to make sure her blood vessels were connected to the retina…and after 2 visits, it was finally matured. So she is all clear too…no ROP! Olivia has been off her monitor for over a month and doing great. So nice to have her wire free! Still on reflux meds and getting better.






Hazel Grace:

hazel_8-20She is the one that is changing the most to us. She was so small and to see her face fill out is so cute! She looks more and more like her sisters everyday. Hazel is still loud! But man! she is so much better these days…since we figured out she may have a milk allergy. We had to take her off breastmilk and then we were on different rounds of formula till we found one that works for her. Finally!! We are good! She is growing and so much more happier with this change…nothing like having to give one of the quints expensive formula. Is she gonna be the one like her daddy??? ‘ If it is not the most expensive, it must not be the best ‘ . Hazel is a wiggler too. You can put her on her belly and she is just a wiggle worm…so much so that she even pushes with her feet…almost as if she was scooting but…not really lol. 


Riley Paige:

Riley-Sleeping_8-20“OH RILEY!!” I think those are the words that come out of our mouth the most to her. She is something else. So unlike any of the others and not at all like Blayke was either. This girl…..hmmmmm…just wants all the attention ALL THE TIME…but sorry Riley Paige, there are 5 of you 😉 She loves to snuggle…and she doesn’t care if its with a person or a blanket, she just wants something to snuggle.  It is so cute…and what a little princess she is….but man! this girl…she won’t stop her crying till she gets what she wants haha. AND if you know me, you know that game doesn’t work for me…what Mommy says – goes!…but boy oh boy..when she starts a screaming…you sometimes gotta catch her quick because it gets so loud she now knows how to wake her sisters up. She is high maintenance for sure….so much so that she is actually laying in my arms now as I finish typing this while everyone else is sound a sleep ♥  Her big ‘ol eyes get you every time though…you can never say no to this thing….watch out Daddy 😉

Kisses from Riley ♥IMG_6847

Riley has been of her heart monitor for a month too and doing great! Still on reflux meds but getting better too. We took her off the Lasix she was on for fluid retention but we are off of it now and follow up soon with the doctor.

Parker Kate:

IMG_6846My sweet Parker Kate. Gosh…could we have asked for a better baby! She is QUEEN here in the quint house. Ava might be the A Team, but Parker Kate is the A+ Team. She is so chill…mellow..content…happy. When you hear a cry come out of Parker’s mouth you jump quick because it is the most pitiful cry. We never hear her cry so when she does make noise, you know something is wrong – needs to burp, poop, or eat. Her cry is a heart breaker 😉

Parker started spitting up more and more the last few weeks so we changed her to Enfamil AR like the other 3 girls and she hasn’t had a spit up since. YAY! Now we only have 2 different formulas 🙂 




Blayke has by far blow us away with her love for her sisters. We never doubted she would be this great but she is THE BEST BIG SISTER! It warms my heart to hear her talk to the girls, sing to them and just have the instinct to give them a paci when they are crying. She often ask me “Mom, why are they loud when they cry” hahaha so funny….because their are so many of them my Blayke ♥. She always makes sure she tells them each good morning and good night….and she of course loves to hold them…ALL! One other challenge we have is of course sharing…and I’m not talking about a 4 year old sharing…im talking about Mommy and Daddy learning to share their time. We are adamant about making sure Blayke has ‘her time’ and it seems as though every moment I spend just me and Blayke is more special than before. I love this big sister so much and I do miss the quite house when it was just her, but our life is different now and we are all learning to ‘spread the love’ equally 😉IMG_6844

Let’s talk about my Buzz for a moment. Could you ever imagine a man, a husband, a Dad to be so hands on with 6 kids…and with 5 of them all being babies?! Well…to all the wife’s / moms out there….be jealous lol *wink *wink…. Because I snagged him and he isn’t going anywhere. Yes.. Buzz looks good, like all the time…like almost too much haha, but what’s even better than his good looks, is his gift with children. He has managed to watch the quint crew by himself a few times after getting off work so I can either have a bit of alone time..or go do something with Blayke. What other man could handle being left alone with 5 babies….and sometimes its 5 screaming babies, hahaha!! BUZZ ROCKS! ♥ buzzandblayke_8-20dad-back-yard_8-20

Well hopefully I can get back on my blogging routine. I love writing out our memories. This one only took me 2 days to complete!! WIN!

I’ll end this post with one of my favorite pictures! Blayke got to ‘hold’ all her sisters!! You can see how much they all look a like and how much they look like Blayke ♥ Our little princesses ♥