Took the Kids to the Largest Trampoline Park in the U S

As parents of 2 1/2 year old quintuplets and a 6 year old, we quickly discovered that one of the hardest things to do with our big family of young kids is just getting them out of the house.  Knowing this, we have taken steps to make our home and backyard as fun and stimulating as possible(still keeping a budget..).  This past couple of months in Houston however, the weather has been less than idea and when i say less than ideal, i mean it has been downright terrible.  It just seems like this winter has been colder and rainier than years past, but maybe it’s just the fact that we have 5 rambunctious toddlers cooped in our home and we want them OUTSIDE! 😉 With the weather being downright horrendous, we try to find things that we can do with the girls outside of our home, that gives them a change of scenery.  That’s just good for anyone’s soul.



On this particular day, the girls had woken up after another usual stormy night and immediately were asking to go play outside.  Knowing that would be impossible and create mud holes and inevitably what it would do to the inside of our house once they were ready to come inside, we knew that we had to take them somewhere fun.  Fortunately  for us, we live about 20 minutes from one of the most fun places that a toddler could visit!  The LARGEST TRAMPOLINE PARK in the United States!  What?! yes, we know!  it’s just too good to be true!

Que the fun day that we had at Altitude Trampoline Park in Texas City, TX.  This is place has become our TOP pick for fun outings with the girls!  They are always super accommodating with our big family and make us feel at home.

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