All I want for Christmas is a ….Cerclage???

Our plans for Christmas were to go back home to Louisiana for what could possibly be our “last” trip. We planned on spending as much time in Lake Charles with our family as we could. Unfortunately…the Doctor called on Friday and the hospital had an opening for me. I will be having a ‘day procedure’  done to sew up my cervix, this is called a Cerclage. This will help the babies stay put for as long as possible, which we need 🙂

We were really hoping we could wait till January to have the procedure done… because lucky us (sarcasm)…our insurance deductible starts over in January. Any money we are putting into our deductible this month is just like throw away money….not a good feeling. I know it is defiantly hard to schedule a procedure this time of year, but my Doctor is adamant about me doing it asap so I guess he worked his magic to get me in.

So… I guess… it is a Cerclage for Christmas.

christmas surgery

I just keep thinking about my little Blayke and how this sucks for her. I want her to enjoy as much of US by herself as she can. She is our ONE and ONLY Little Princess and I know HER life is going to change tremendously. Though she will not really notice that I am gone / having a procedure done, it is just the fact that I have to leave her…especially over her Holiday. But…I know this is probably just more of my “mom heartbreak” than Blayke’s, ha.

Though this is not my ideal time to have this procedure done, I am very grateful for my Doctor having my best interests put first. I know him, as well as a team of doctors, will have to be away from their families too. Thank you Doctors for taking time away to do this for me and my quintuplets 🙂

Procedure/Surgery is schedule for the 26th first thing in the morning….Pre Op schedule on Dec 23rd…My Birthday. WOOH.. WHOO! (more sarcasm, lol).