First time getting to hold Olivia Marie

Mommy Goes Home

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I found time to actually type a blog post while I was pumping….multitasking Mommy! There was no way possible this post could have been done as a video. You wouldn’t have been understand any words coming out of my mouth because the amount of tears I have shed. Today…how do I begin to put into words. It’s been pretty crazy …

Birthday STATS

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  Women’s hospital really shined on our delivery day!  What an amazing sight to see as they wheeled Danielle back to the OR.  7 board certified neonatologists, Dr. Reiter and his awesome team of surgeons, and COUNTLESS nurses all working together to bring our little miracle babies to this world.  I don’t think that there has ever been a better …

When God Makes You Wait

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Blogging about your infertility journey was something I never thought I would enjoy. I’m not a writer, I always hated English and Literature, and I may not be a ‘perfect blogger’ but this is ME and if you have been following my blog…this is how I talk, text and write, lol. When we found out we were having surprise quintuplets… many …

Providing for Quints…How??

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When one gets pregnant with her second child, its pretty typical to not have another baby shower because you more than likely have stuff from your first child. Well… with my second pregnancy….it was a bit of a different scenario. Would we actually be showered with gifts this second go around??? One of the first thoughts Adam and I had …

From the Couch to the Hospital….

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This week has been a bit of a “pain changer”. I am really starting to feel more and more uncomfortable..and I’m actually getting more ok with sitting on the couch (it’s so boring though, lol). My Wednesday morning started off with the usual…wake up, eat breakfast, get Blayke dressed and take her to school. If you saw me that morning …


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The WAIT is over! BABY NAMES ARE RELEASED! After our surprise yesterday (our one and only boy now being confirmed as a girl) we had to change our boy name to a girl name. Luckily we had a few other girl names in mind when we were deciding the other four, lol. Here they are…..