FIRST DAY of School: Blayke 2nd & Quints PreK

First day of school for all our girls this year. Blayke has started 2nd grade  and the Quints have officially started PreK! Man oh man! Time has flown by so fast! We have enjoyed all our time together this summer with lots of family time together and fun adventures. But I can tell Blayke is ready to get back in school and the quints can not stop talking about PreSchool. it is no longer ” school” to them, its “preeeeeeschoool” (and they will correct you if you don’t call it preschool, lol).

Blayke got the teacher she wanted, thank goodness ♥ and the quints will officially be in three different classrooms starting PreK. This year will be a bit different for Blayke because she has had her best friend Kennie in her class with her the last two years, but this year they unfortunately did not get the same teacher. When you have quints, your always on the odd number when it comes to splitting them up. The quints are all so different and we think splitting them up the way we did is what is best for each of them. We have paired Ava and Riley together, Olivia and Parker Kate, and then miss independent Hazel is in a class by herself (meaning not in a class with her sisters). Couple reasons on why we have decided to split them up the way we did…

Hazel is so independent and could care less if her sisters are in same room as her…she is super social and confident, she will do amazing meeting new friends. We wanted to split up Ava and Olivia so they can hopefully grow a little bit more independent and not lean on the other identical so much. Parker does not necessarily want to be in a class with her sisters (lol) but when it comes to new situations or places, she does best with a sibling on her side…so we paired her with Olivia. Riley and Olivia bicker the most so Riley and Ava will do better in a class together than Riley an Ava.

One thing I wasn’t ready for was for summer to end and now I have to set my alarm in the morning and make sure we get up and out the door at the correct time. #wearealwayslate Waking up in the morning and getting six girls ready … man oh man!! it was hectic. It is funny because we get up every Sunday to go to church early and we seem to have our routine down and make it on time….but now we will do this Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. AHHHHH!!!! I guess Momma needs to set her alarm a bit earlier to get up. #notamorningperson

Adam captured the first day of school for all the girls. Enjoy the videos ♥

Blayke’s First Day of 2nd Grade

Quint’s First Day of PreK

Lord, please watch over each of our little girls while they are out from under our wings during these days at school.  Shield them with your armor and protect them from all things the world tries to conform them into. Thank you for blessing us with amazing teachers and we pray for each teacher to have strength, grace and the capability to help our little ones grow. Amen.

OMG!!! And I didn’t CRY!!! #gomomma