Busby Quintuplets 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday 

Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley & Parker Kate

Wow! Three years old already. I feel like it was literally yesterday when I was having quints, taking them home, figuring out our new life….and now…its been three years! We no longer have little babies! We have five little toddlers. I tell everyone, ‘what are we going to call them when they aren’t babies anymore’. Lol! That time is here. Though they will always be my babies, they literally are not babies anymore. 


The last year has been one to remember, for sure. I mean… we had five two-year olds…Hello terrible twos!! Times five!!! We have seen any and all fits & tantrums…but also seen different personalities all develop at one time (oh what fun it really has been). We have approached Adam and I’s favorite kid age, the threes. The girls communicate now, full sentences, and they may not always know what they are saying when that talk but that is the best part about It. Some jibber jabber here and there mixed in with real words and it is just the best thing to listen to. We hear a lot of good ‘stories’, haha. We are in a constant state of trying to keep up with 6 different conversations at one time. When the nights come and they all go to bed, our brains are exhausted… along with our bodies, ha.


We have come a long way! Having five little babies born at 28 weeks and 2 days…to now witness them be three years old…it is just a pure miracle. We are so fortunate to see life be born so early, to successfully make it through 3 months in the NICU, to now be celebrating a third birthday. I don’t even know how to explain how much of a miracle these last few years have been. We go through days and weeks where we are, honestly….just winging it. Trying to figure out how to do life with a 7-year-old and now 3 yr old quintuplets. It has not been easy but it has been so rewarding. Adam and I truly feel like we have been living an incredible experience. One that not many get to witness much less, live it. We were chosen to have this life and we believe God gave it to us for a reason. We thank Him daily for our little blessings and for all the support around us… that love on us and the girls. We are so very fortunate and will never take that for granted. 



Ava Lane (born at 2lbs 4oz) and Olivia Marie (born at 2lbs 6oz) are the identical twins in our quint bunch. They are so similar but a bit different. They seem to be dependent on each other at times…like when its time for bed, they must both be in the room; when one poops…the other is going to go poop too (lol..so strange but true); and they are always asking where is ‘the other one’ if they are not around. They find a bit of security when the other quint-twin is around. It really is unique seeing their extra bond while being a quintuplet. Ava and Olivia are the goofy ones. Ava loves to always say “can you help me” in her sweet voice. Olivia loves to say “yeaaa-sssss” with a real souther drawl on it, and it is emphasized that you just asked her a dumb question and ‘of course’ the answer is yes, “yeaaassssss”, LOL! They love to dance, bounce around and copy each other. Adam (though he won’t admit it..lol) gets them mixed up all the time, hahaha! I mean…I’m not going to lie, I say the wrong name at times but only because I’m trying to spout out the right name in general…and that is the truth haha. Having six kids… I just can’t ever get the right name out, haha. #quintbrain


Hazel Grace (born at 2lbs) is the most independent in the bunch. She could care less what anyone is doing …. until they snatch something away from her. Then it is game on, lol. Hazel is really smart. Loves to focus on projects and understand how things work or go together. She is our little engineer / scientist 😉 There is not one thing that comes out Hazel mouth that does not make you smile. She has the sweetest voice and even when she is mad, she some what smiles too. She loves to talk and imagine. She will sing herself to sleep literally every night. I love this! My favorite thing about Hazel is her little grin and the way she says “ I don’t know”…its really more like “Iiiii dunnn-no”. AND she always says “beep beep” when she really means “excuse me”. I’m pretty sure Hazel can almost do nothing wrong….shhhhhh! don’t tell the others 😉


Riley Paige (born at 2lb 4oz)is a handful. She is so intelligent, mischievous and cute. I often wonder how she knows the things she knows when she is only three! Riley still loves attention and it is a main part of her personality…”look at me!”. She loves one on one attention. She loves to help out with responsibilities, like setting the table, throwing stuff in the trash or even bringing clothes to the laundry room. She is still overly dramatic about everything…did you read that…EVERYTHING 😉, especially when she gets in trouble, hahaha. She talks back, wants to have last word and is just all around strong-willed. I love this about her though…she sure is sure on who she is and what she wants. Kinda reminds me of me, but when I was like 12, not 3 yrs old haha! However, she is way more like Adam when I think about it. Sneaky little booger she is, ha. We always knew one of the quints would be the ‘tell all’ / tattle teller..well this is Riley. She may not always be telling the truth but she will forsure tell you when someone else is doing something wrong, ha.


Parker Kate (born at 2lb 4oz) has changed the most, I think, just the last few weeks. She has always been sensitive, quite, pretty Parker but recently she has been making me realize that maybe hitting the age of three is going to be worse that the terrible twos. All of a sudden, she is the rough pretty girl, haha. She still holds her sweet, shy innocent side but she is a leader of the bunch and definitely ruling the girls. She lights up every time she sees her Daddy. It is the sweetest thing ever. She just wants to be with Adam all the time. She will sit on his lap while he works and be completely fine doing absolutely nothing…just because she is with him. She observes and wants to know everything … “whats that?”, is what PK says all the time.

Dear God, we are so thankful for this life you have given us. This life filled with joy, grace, patience, stress, challenges, extraordinary experience and love. We could not go through our days with out your guidance. I pray you continue to guide our hearts on the path that helps us show your goodness and glory. Help us raise our children to know you and love you. We need you daily, for these days would not be manageable without you. Thank you for giving us this responsiblity of raising 6 little girls, for this has changed us for the better. We trust in you and your path for us. Amen.