Busby Quintuplets are FIVE Months Old

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The Busby Quints are FIVE Months Old!!

(Thank you AspenLane for the hats (& blankets not pictured) & H.Behrmann Desgins for the Jelly Cats..that were only used for snuggles in the picture *wink )

Watching life through a growing baby…it just goes by way too fast! There isn’t a day that goes by that we are not in love with our new crazy life. I love this stage…the stage of constant baby smiles and baby talks. (My voice may permanently be the ‘baby talking voice’ now…you know, that high pitch baby voice everyone does when talking to a baby, lol). Everyday is still an adjustment in some way because the quints are changing so much. These little boogers weigh all around 12 pounds and have lovely cute baby rolls. Their personalities are still sticking but… Olivia Marie likes to squeal now, pretty dang loud…. “Can you hear me!!!!!!” that’s what I feel like she is saying when she screams, hahaha. Hazel Grace…girl is just like her Daddy, got her a temper for sure. It’s quite comical to see a baby get so mad about having gas, haha. Parker Kate has become the gibber gabber, always talking and she is all about being a morning person….so unlike me!!. Ava Lane is still full of dimple smiles that are so cute… I think Olivia is trying to get her to team up on screaming with her but Mommy is catching on to that game 😉 And Riley Paige….little booger…still high maintenance and cute as a button.

Blayke Louise loves this fun stage with the babies. It warms our hearts everyday seeing how much she loves them. She now has a new favorite….all of them 😉 Blayke started gymnastics last week and loves it!!! Our sweet little uncoordinated girl is doing pretty dang good! She thinks she is something else now.

Thank you Lord once again for our big family. Before we were pregnant with the quints we told our selves we would do the infertility cycle one more time…..and you Lord, had big plans for us. You knew it would be our last round and bam! Gave us all the rest of our family in one dump 😉 hahaha. Still makes me laugh today, just like it did the first time I saw the ultrasound with 5 heartbeats. But in all honesty…I wouldn’t take anything away from what you have given us. A lot of people say ‘God wont give you more than you can handle’, which all along I thought I agreed with that…UNTIL the other day a friend from church was over and said that phrase in a different way. “God will give you more than you can handle, so you will lean on him more for guidance”. It may not have been said exactly like that but thats what I got out of it, lol,…and IT’S SO TRUE!!! We would be lost without the strength from our God. We are so grateful for the love you have given us, all the answered prayers and the most amazing healthy family we have!