Busby Quints – 5 weeks old

♥ Our FIVE Little Princesses are FIVE Weeks Old ♥

Can’t believe time is flying by so fast. All the girls are still doing great. PTL!! They all had eye exams this week to look for signs of ROP “Retinopathy of Prematurity”….which is something that preemie babies can have because the blood vessels in the retina were not fully develop so they do an eye exam to see if the blood vessels are forming correctly. All babies passed, YAY!, and showed no signs of ROP at this time with exception of Olivia who showed a mild case ( but doesn’t mean too much of anything at this point). They all will get rechecked in two weeks. They of course all hated the eye exam…poor babies. I hate eye exams myself, so I can only imagine how much they hated it…bright light having to shine in their eyes that were being pried open….not fun! but it had to get done 😉

They are all wearing clothes and holding their body temperatures well….Which, yes!, that means loads of laundry have already begun!! And it’s mostly from Miss Olivia…lol. I brought 4 outfits for each them the other day, so the next day I didn’t bring anything thinking surely that’s enough for the night to next day… not for Olivia… haha! She went through all of her outfits and had to “borrow” from a sister. These girls poop like crazy and a few are becoming a bit refluxy…so spit-ups are a happening. rich singles near me sent us some laundry detergent goodies and they are gifting us with free detergent for the first year! SO EXCITED about this!!! I’m already rock and rolling through detergent 😉
I love having the girls, well the 4 of them, all next to each other in NICU 2. I get to see these 4 all at same time which is so nice…love being able to see what the others are doing when I’m holding one of two of the babies….like seeing if Riley or Hazel is “making a run for it” lol (finding their way out their little snuggy bed). It is so funny how these tiny babies can be so wild haha.

mature hookup siteAva is still in her “own room” but she loves it 😉 It’s the “pink room”. With all her ‘color coded’ stuff (light pink blankets) and the dim light at times, it really makes the whole room glow pink. Ava is growing rolls fast…and I love it! Ava has been having a few signs of being reflux so we started her on reflux meds yesterday. She is also still on the cannula which provides some oxygen when needed. She is almost 4 lbs!! Ava weighs 3 lb 15 oz.

Olivia sleeping 5-8-15

Twin Olivia is another chunker! How 4 lbs can look chunky…I don’t know but it’s so cute. I just want to squeeze her little rolls that are forming! Olivia is the most refluxy one. She has started a second medication to help her out so hopefully this will do the trick. She still has a cannula too. Olivia weighs 4 lb 3 oz.

Hazel on 5-14-2015Little Miss Hazel…she cracks me up! She loves to make funny faces and move all around in her bed….always wants to be laying sideways instead of in the middle. Tiny and mighty she is!  She has continued to rock this preemie life. She may have been the smallest, but she sure is one of, if not, the strongest. Hazel weighs 3 lbs 7 oz.

Riley sleeping 5-8-15Riley… I would say… is the most alert with her big ‘ol eyes. When she is awake…”she is awake”. Her big eyes are so precious on that tiny face…reminds me of when Blayke was a baby…she kinda needed to grow into her eyes lol. I feel she will be the most like Blayke…real lean but can eat a lot. Riley is our other refluxy baby and is on meds to help too. Boy, Oh Boy! Does she know how to get what she wants! Lol. This girl wants to lay on her belly …like always..lol. And she will do what she has to to get her way…my precious stubborn one 🙂 Riley is also still on the cannula and is back on some lasix to help slow her breathing down…and she is doing well with it. Riley is weighing 3 lbs 8 oz.

Parker sleeping 5-8-15Parker Kate is a rocking and a rolling this preemie life too. Not much goes on with her…which is a good thing. She still is the show off and chill one. I did however find her trying to escape out her bed yesterday and it made me laugh because she never does anything “wild”…. I think she is just ready to come home with Mommy ♥. Parker Kate is weighing 3 lbs 14 oz.

Now to talk about my first baby girl ♥ Blayke actually had her 4 year checkup yesterday. BLAYKE-DR-VISIT---WEBI didn’t know she was going to have to get shots…2 shots actually….poor baby girl. She actually didn’t cry about the actual shot…she cried after it was over and she saw the band aids on her leg, haha. Blayke loved her appointment at the beginning with all the fun checkup things she had to do: check her blood pressure  (which she loved because she see’s that being done to her baby sisters); hearing test (which she passed)…..I told the Nurse, “So she can ‘hear me’…hmmm?????”. She is just like her Daddy…grrrr!!…usually takes like three times to get her to acknowledge me; she did a urine test just to make sure her kidneys are good…Blayke was like “I’m not peeing in a cup!!!” haha it was so funny…but it was a success and she was so proud afterwards, LOL…she couldn’t wait to tell Daddy about that.  Not all the appointment was ‘fun’ though. I would have thought the shots would have been the bad part but she actually hated (which that word is an understatement) when we were discussing her cough she has had. She unfortunately has had a cough for a few weeks and this girl is never sick...she has an immune system of like Iron Man or something…but this cough hasn’t gone away even after two different meds. What was the most horrific thing I have ever had to do with this child?!?! Give her a nebulizer treatment! OMG!!!! You would have thought I told her to jump from the moon into a pile of needles. I have NEVER seen her act so frantic and stressed….it stressed me out big time because it broke my heart seeing her like that…..and we had to do it for 10 minutes! ugh!! so glad that 10 min of my life is over!  Anyway…we went home with an antibiotic and an inhaler instead of a nebulizer…thank goodness!  She is slowly sounding better but the hard part is, she can’t go around her sisters until her follow-up next week…and its the weekend 🙁

Blayke has been doing pretty well being the Big Sister. She is seeming to be more attached to me the last week or so. When she visits her sisters, she does so well….loves to talk to each one of them, touch their hands and feet… AND make sure they have their lovie (her favorite thing to do for them). She can take about 20 minutes of being up there and then she is pretty much back to being a ‘kid’, lol. This past week she has made up songs for her sisters…I tell her to sing it to them when she visits them and she says ‘Nooooo Mom! this is for me to sing when they are home’. She is so sweet and loves her sisters big time already.

I’m so ready to have all my baby girls together at home. To have them all next to each other, to look at them all together, to be our complete little family…wait! can I call us ‘little’ family anymore ???? 

*Next milestone for the quints is nippling feedings. We are starting breastfeeding/bottles and I’m SO READY for the breastfeeding…can’t wait to bond with each of them!!









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