Birthday STATS


Personel lined up before surgery
Personel lined up before surgery

Women’s hospital really shined on our delivery day!  What an amazing sight to see as they wheeled Danielle back to the OR.  7 board certified neonatologists, Dr. Reiter and his awesome team of surgeons, and COUNTLESS nurses all working together to bring our little miracle babies to this world.  I don’t think that there has ever been a better team of professionals that have come together for a Quintuplet pregnancy.  I was truly impressed with how smoothly everything went.  All 5 Babies were out and off to the stabilization area within 4 minutes!  Wow!  Don’t blink or you’ll miss a baby flying out the door!  Good thing that we had someone in the room filming!




dating service montrealNow on to the Stats!

Ava Lane:  2lbs 4oz     14 Inches

Olivia Marie:  2lbs 6oz     14.4 Inches

Hazel Grace:  2 lbs 0oz     13.4 Inches

Riley Paige:     2lbs 4oz     14.2 Inches

Parker Kate:  2lbs 4 oz     13.8 Inches

So as you can see, they girls did great with sharing nutrition.  Lets hope they share just as well when they get a little older. They are going to have to do a lot of that!


The past couple of days, we have had some ups and downs(but mostly ups).  The babies are doing great for being 28 week preemies.  Our prayers have definitely been answered.   We still have a long road in the NICU and will try to get everyone updates as our little Miracles progress.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey.  Your love and support has inspired us to keep pushing forward and gave us lots of strength.

Talk to you soon!


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