13 Things About Adam aka Buzz

Ok…so I have never known Adam to be so descriptive. Well I take that back… he is a “Busby” 😉 which means he can chat about something he loves forever, haha. Clearly he LOVES drinks hahaha

Food:  Steak!  I could literally eat steak at every meal.  It’s my favorite thing at a restaurant and my favorite thing to cook for others too!  Most stay I’m pretty awesome at it.

Drink: I would have to break this down into categories of what drink I like for different activities or times of the day…

First thing in the morning:  Coffee! Is my favorite thing when I wake up. Do not try and talk to me without my coffee. I usually make a B-line fo the Nespresso machine when I roll out of bed.  Currently favorite Pod is the Fortado(gunmetal colored)

While I’m sitting at my desk working:  Straight up H2o or water with IDLife Hydrate(GRAPE) 

Soft Drink, when i’m feeling in the mood.  Hands down Dr. Pepper.  I’m always agrivated when we travel to northern states and they don’t offer Dr. Pepper because Dr. Pepper > Coca Cola

My social drink of choice is not often, but typically an IPA. I’ve leaned toward Deschutes Fresh Haze IPA lately.

I still can’t stop laughing at this answer…. so many!

Song: This is a very tough one… My music taste is all over the place.  When I’m chilling out on the back patio or just riding around in my truck, I tent to lean to Texas Country.  She’s Like Texas by Josh Abbott Band is on of my favorites.  I could listen to that on repeat.  I’m a big fan of Cody Johnson too.

When I’m at the gym, I liken to kick it up a bit and rotate through Andy Mineo, NF, Lecrae mostly.

Movie: I don’t know… I like movies but I use movies to zone out… I don’t really have a favorite and remember lines from movies and stuff like that.

My response to Adam when he told me this was.. “what! you’re boring” hahaha (IN A JOKING WAY!!!) Im like what!! My fav is Dumb and Dumber and I can quote that movie like word for word! and he said “I KNOW and thats annoying”. hahaha #different 😉

TV Show:  … I like documentaries

Love: Shoes

Hobbies: Photography/videography editing

Sport: LSU football

Favorite vacation place: a Beach

Pet Peeves: when people don’t flush toilets


Last thing I Bought: Camera bag

I totally would have guessed SHOES!

What blows your mind when you think about it: that we had quintuplets

YUP!!! I agree haha

Advise: Don’t rush to judgement for what you don’t quite understand.