13 Things About Riley Paige

It was fun having Riley answer these questions because she had to ‘really think’ about what the answer was and what she actually wanted to tell me. For instance, check out the favorite food, lol! She wanted to give the ‘right’ answer instead of what she really likes.

Food: broccoli and ranch / vegetables 
(OH REALLY RILEY!???! Thats for sure the ’Sunday school’ answer, hahaha. This girl won’t eat veggies for anything. I asked her five times and she insisted she loved broccoli so…I went ahead an added it, lol)

Drink: apple juice 

Color: purple

Toy: dog toys (She likes to play with Beaux’s toys haha)

Song: Roar by Katy Perry
(Believe me when I say this girl will scream “ROOOOAAARRR” so loud when that part comes on)

Movie:  Secret Life of Pets

TV Show: Sofia the First … and her bunny 

Love:  Beaux Beaux and family

Favorite place to go: the big big Princess Castle
(aka Disney World – Cinderella Castle)

Pet Peeves: when people (aka sisters ) take my Pluto out my room
(This is Riley stuffed animal from Disney)

Advise: Love Jesus and God