SNOW DAY in Houston

WOW!!! Did it really snow in Houston?? Buzz woke up around 4:30am to go to the gym and was shocked when he opened the door to see a few inches of snow on his truck. He ran into our bedroom with all kinds of a 5-year-old lol… to wake me up to tell me. As I am in a deep sleep…he screams “Danielle!!! wake up! there is SNOW!!”  As a Mom of six kids, and five of them going through their terrible twos, my response was —> “What time is it??? 4:30am! Adam, I’m sleeping!!! I’ll see it when the kids get up” I mean…I know it never snows in Houston, BUT I’m tired! hahaha  After a few more hours of sleep… now I’m ready to go see the snow! #sleepingismyfavorite 

I was really surprise (or SUPrise like KiKI says..or spells lol) at how much it actually snowed. I had never seen Blayke put clothes on so fast and run outside, lol. But as for the quints, a good hour and half passed by, by the time I got all their jackets, pants and shoes on..hahaha #quintlife Blayke absolutely had a blast, was even late to school because …well it NEVER snows in Houston, so of course we had to build a snowman. “Do you wanna build a snowman”. (Im pretty sure anyone who hears the word snowman, can not..not say that Frozen line…haha!) Speaking of Frozen, the quints loved the snow too….wasnt much left after they finally got outside…but they looked out the window and kept saying “it Olaf!!!” hahaha so cute!