Quint’s Houston Zoo Trip – Summer 2016

This is our first ‘real Summer’ because last year we were living the NICU life. We are trying our best to get out of the house more but its … ummm…exhausting… mostly because during the week Adam is working and if I want to take the girls somewhere, I have to plan it by myself and line up help to come with me.

One thing I was determined to do this summer was take all 6 girlies to the zoo. So I set a ‘ zoo date’ with my friends Katy and off we went just a week ago. It was some planning for sure! Diaper bag, food and snacks, sip cups, fans, etc. I didn’t want to take the big 6 seater stroller because I didn’t think the quints would enjoy it, especially the girls behind the first row…what can they really see lol. I already had one double running stroller, then borrowed my friends double stroller, along with my sisters old stroller. My friend Meagan came to help and Taylor ( who helps with the girls 2 days a week) and we each pushed a stroller… so we were 2 babies, 2 babies and 1 baby (+Blayke).  THIS WAS IT!!! Having the three strollers where they could all see out straight worked out great! It was hot but I purchased stroller fans which helped.

                                   bl zoo ao zoo

                                   pk zoo hr zoo

I think the best part about the zoo was feeding the giraffes! It as so fun seeing the girls faces so close to the animal.

Ava and Parker were like ‘no thank you.. get me away!’

giraffe ava giraffe parker.

Olivia was intrigued 

giraffe olivia;

Hazel was like ‘where is my bite of lettuce’ 

giraffe hazel

Riley loved the giraffe! She straight up grabbed his nose, the giraffe sneezed on her and what little bit of hair she had went flying up, it was cute. 

giraffe riley

Who wants to see the monkeys?? —->Sorry the Busbys are here…we take over

zoo monkeys

Second best part of the Zoo Day was the Dinosaur exhibit. Blayke was SO EXCITED to see the dinosaurs…. and I didn’t even know she liked dinosaurs, lol. But as excited as she was, she was so terrified once we walked in, lol. If you know Buzz, you know he LOVES TO TEASE….so since he wasn’t there….I felt it was only right (lol) to ‘make this experience normal’ for her, hahaha. We get to T-Rex…. and boy! oh boy! this little girl was some scared. I tried my ‘buzz best’ to get her all amped up, hahaha, and boy! did it work! Blayke was so scared it was comical…. she wouldn’t even take a picture with me in front of T-Rex. …. long story short, she just wanted to see if the dinosaurs were real, lol.

zoo dinosaur

It was so fun getting out the house and letting all the girls enjoy a different atmosphere. I’m not sure what is planned next…but Summer is coming to an end soon and we need to get out more!

Zoo Selfie 

selfie zoo