Month: September 2019


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    This one is a breeze! Such a simple and easy meal. Most of our kids fear veggies, or really anything green, but the key to this dish is the CHEESY part!!!! The kids don’t even know they are eating broccoli because the creamy cheese is so yummy! CHEESY BROCCOLI & CHICKEN CASSEROLE RECIPE Click the…

  • First Concert! JoJoSiwa

    First Concert! JoJoSiwa

    Blayke and the Quints have been obsessed with JoJo Siwa. When we saw that JoJo was coming to the Houston Area, Daddy said WE HAVE TO TAKE THEM! I was 100% excited to take Blayke to see JoJo but NOT gonna lie, taking five four-year olds to a concert…yikes! However, there was no way we…

  • 13 Things About Parker Kate

    13 Things About Parker Kate

    Food: Broccoli, Tomatoes….annnnnd Kolachee (This is true, she is a good veggie eater like Blayke. The only quint we dont have to fight with to try veggies!) Drink: apple juice … and root beer at Nana & Papas house Color: pink and red Toy: Legos (I’m pretty sure its dress up dresses & babydolls…dont know where legos came from ..…

  • Monday Meal: Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas

    Monday Meal: Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas

    The Busby girls love anything in a tortilla!! This weeks Monday Meal is a a yummy one! What I love most about this meal is using a rotisserie chicken, because the chicken is already cooked! It makes cooking time a lot quicker. Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas Click the link to open recipe. Enjoy! XOXO ~D~

  • Grief


    It is so hard to have those moments arise…the moments in life where you go through extremely painful situations… situations that can take you by surprise. Trauma. Loss. Betrayal. Job loss. Death. The list is endless.We try our best to get through it one day at a time…hour by hour. These circumstances can keep us awake…