Month: August 2018

  • FIRST DAY of School: Blayke 2nd & Quints PreK

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    First day of school for all our girls this year. Blayke has started 2nd grade  and the Quints have officially started PreK! Man oh man! Time has flown by so fast! We have enjoyed all our time together this summer with lots of family time together and fun adventures. But I can tell Blayke is ready…

  • The Hurried Life

    The Hurried Life

    My life as a Mom of six kids (or shall I say mom like my kids say mom… “MAAA- MAAAA”) always feels like I am GO-GO-GO! The second my eyes open in the morning till the time my head gets to finally hit the pillow at night (which is usually hours after I would like…

  • Monday Meals

    Monday Meals

    Cooking….well…lets just say its not my favorite thing to do anymore. I used to LOVE to cook and try new recipes but a lot has changed the last few years once we became a family of eight. I actually don’t think I ever had a hard time coming up with meals when it was just…