Blayke & the Quint’s Journey to Frolic’s Castle

As the weekend approached, both Adam and I realized the Quints hadn’t been out of the house in literally two weeks…poor babies. So we made it a must to have a family fun weekend OUT OF THE HOUSE!! We remembered the Memorial City Mall in Houston had an awesome new indoor play place… so we called Aunt KiKi and Aunt LiLi to see if they wanted to join, and thankful Aunt KiKi, Uncle Dale and the kids could and wanted to come. YAY! More hands to help wrangle babies 😉 (Aunt LiLi had to go work closing at Heist, so they missed all the fun). This isn’t something we would normally do…drive 40 min in wonderful Houston traffic to go to a ‘park’… but the Quints needed some play time BIG TIME! Though it is always so much extra work to do something as simple as go to the ‘park’… it is always worth the hassle! We love being able to feel ‘normal’ and just be out and play with ALL our kids. And you know what… it still happens… the moments when we see five little babies all dressed the same playing around others… and we get that shock factory… “omg! they are all ours!!” hahaha. 

parker Riley Blayke olivia hazel ava

I am reminded everyday how blessed we are, how fortunate we are to have these beautiful healthy kids, and how wonderful it is to have such an amazing family so close!!

selfie at mall