Our FIRST Family Outing

Well we braved it!! We decided to pack up the bunch and go for an outing! Buzz took out the BIG 6 seater stroller…which, is so comical to look at. It is huge and heavy …. but it’s pretty awesome because it carries everyone…even if Blayke wants to jump on in 😉 (Nothing like pushing 200 lbs around…workout anyone??) So where did we head off to with six kids?????

Mardi Gras!!!

As scary as that sounds, being around all those random people, it actually was an easy first outing. The babies stayed in the stroller the whole time….they are so nosey so they literally just stared at everyone, haha….well accept for Miss Riley! Of course at the end she just “had” to get out. Im pretty sure I could hear her crying over all the loud parade noise. We saw the Dog Parade and the Childrens Parade. Blayke was so happy!! It was so great to get out of the house and have some fun with her and she LOVED her sisters being out with her. We also adventured over to a restaurant after the parade!!! I was SO SCARED of what was going to happen there, lol. Luckily they had a big patio and we strolled that BIG ‘OL stroller right on up there. Gave the girls their bottle, some fell asleep and some we had to take out. Thankfully Kylie and Pete came to brave our first outing with us…their hands were needed at food time, lol. BUT all in all….it was an A.W.E.S.O.M.E first outing!!!

I give it a score of a “B” 🙂








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