Month: October 2015

  • Me, Five Babies, The Couch…and Hopefully Some Sleep

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    Wow! The last 15 hours has been crazy! On a day I think I’m tired… and then last night happens 🙁 For the past 2 days Ava, Olivia, Hazel and Parker started to come down with their first cold. (Yes! Thats 4 sick babies all at once….AHHHHHHH! No one wants to be at my house…

  • 6 Month Old Quints

    6 Month Old Quints

    Our Quints are 6 MONTHS OLD!!!! Now that the girls are 6 months old…they have all been developing so great! Their pediatrician was impressed with their level of development and how chunky they have gotten (love me some chunky babies!!). They can all do belly time really well now, roll from tummy to back…..and ALMOST…