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    This one is a breeze! Such a simple and easy meal. Most of our kids fear veggies, or really anything green, but the key to this dish is the CHEESY part!!!! The kids don’t even know they are eating broccoli because the creamy cheese is so yummy! CHEESY BROCCOLI & CHICKEN CASSEROLE RECIPE Click the…

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    Monday Meal: Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas

    The Busby girls love anything in a tortilla!! This weeks Monday Meal is a a yummy one! What I love most about this meal is using a rotisserie chicken, because the chicken is already cooked! It makes cooking time a lot quicker. Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas Click the link to open recipe. Enjoy! XOXO ~D~

  • Monday Meals

    Monday Meals

    Cooking….well…lets just say its not my favorite thing to do anymore. I used to LOVE to cook and try new recipes but a lot has changed the last few years once we became a family of eight. I actually don’t think I ever had a hard time coming up with meals when it was just…