Mamarella Pizza Night

After watching last night’s episode of OutDaughtered, it made me laugh because… well that’s what is for dinner tonight!! LOL Red Baron Pizza is 100% our go-to pizza, mainly because my Grandpa “Pops” swore by Red Baron. It was the only frozen pizza he would buy, lol. But… we sure do love our pizza nights, mostly because, Mom here, knows it will be a meal all six kids will agree on #ParentWIN. There are always six different opinions on what each kid likes and what they each want for dinner… and there are some nights I just don’t feel like cooking or deciding which kid is going to be happy with that dinner, lol.  So pizza night always saves the dinner decision!

Speaking of six kids’ opinions…. and it being October…Halloween is almost here!  Can you imagine how many opinions went around on what costume we should be for Halloween?? LOL Part of me wants to let them be all random costumes…but my Mom personality loves coordination and I just am not ready for us all to be random costumes, maybe next year.  And I can already tell you we will be having Red Baron Pizza for dinner on Halloween night. It’s a stress-free easy dinner that all the kids will scarf down, and it will get their bellies full for a busy night of trick-or-treating! The race to see who can get the most candy!!!….but not before we snap that adorable themed family costume. I can’t wait to share what we, as a family, will be this year. I’ll just say…. we will be full of different colors… maybe we can fly…and well that’s all I’m throwing out there!

Cheers to #Mamarella and #PizzaNight 

This post is a paid partnership with Red Baron.