11 Month Old Busby Quints

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Welcome to 11 months old! AHHHHHHH!!!! We have officially entered into the wild, crazy, hectic, everywhere stage. The girls have figured out how to crawl and now we can’t make them stay still. Feeding the girls their bottle, changing their clothes and diapers…used to not seem “that bad” but now having five mobile babies….omg! makes what seemed to be ‘simple’ (as simple as it is with quints lol)…now take forever. They are so interested in everything….you know, everything that is not their toy, hahaha. Riley, Parker and Olivia have figured out how to pull up on something and stand up, so they think they are big stuff 😉 If one baby (mostly Riley / Parker Kate) is crawling and another baby is in the way, better watch out because they will just crawl right over you..lol. They all LOVE to clap and play patty cake, it’s so cute seeing them all clap. They can wave and say Bye Bye too. We are still teething off and on…when will this end, lol. Hazel is rocking 8 teeth right now!! And Parker Kate finally got her bottom teeth in.  I think my favorite part about now is…guess what??? They all say “momma” now 🙂 YAY!!!

Well back to what I have been doing the last few weeks…Can’t believe I am already planning a FIRST birthday party….where has this time gone!