Tips From Danielle

This section of the blog, you will find tips on keeping a Schedule, Must Have Items / Favorite Baby Items, Fitness tips and Easy Healthy Meals for kids. 

I never imagined I would be a Mom to six little girls. I had always wanted to have a big family but as I became an adult, got married, moved to Texas, started my career… then years go by and we want to start a family, find out we have infertility struggles…I just really didn’t think we would ever have children. After about two years of infertility trials go by, we finally were blessed with our first daughter Blayke. I took four months off for maternity leave and during that time I had to figure out how to be a Mom and do all the ‘Mom tasks’. I took advise from family and friends, read a book called Baby Wise and then pulled my gifts and talents God gave me to be a Mommy to Blayke.

As time went on and we learned how to be parents, we learned what worked and what didn’t work. Blayke was a great baby, slept 10 hours a night at 10 weeks old, always happy and all around we just had an amazing kid. I do believe the biggest key to having a happy baby was having her on a schedule. Blayke changed our world for the better but didn’t mean Adam and I had to stop life because we were now parents. Having Blayke on a schedule helped us ALL to be happy.

When we wanted a sibling for Blayke, we never imagined we would end up with quintuplets. I think having Blayke was the best thing God could have given us to prepare us for the quints. Though, life with quints is SO different that life with one, having Blayke first gave us an idea of how to raise a happy child and how to use a routine and schedule.

Both Adam and I have a passion for fitness and we keep it a priority in our daily life. I will also share here a few workout tips I use daily.

Cooking for a family of eight, is no joke. I feel like I cook for a cafeteria at least three times a day. I used to love to cook new meals and try new foods but a lot has changed in my cooking skills, lol. I don’t necessarily enjoy it as much any more because I feel like I never get out of the kitchen, haha. I, however, have a list of healthy meals we make regularly that the whole family will eat.

As a Mom to six kiddos, I have had to figure out a lot of “Mom How To’s” over the last few years. I have decide to use the skills I have learned and share with other Mommies who might be interested in some How To’s ♥