The Reactions to “we are having quints”

Best part of sharing the news was when we told our family. Thanks to wonderful multi thread text messaging, we were able to tell our parents and siblings all at the same time!

If you know my husband….(hmmm how do I explain him, lol)….he is one who likes to maybe ‘makeup’ something just to see your reaction and he is one who likes to withhold information just to make you squirm. BUT we all know our Buzz. You can always tell he is making up something by just looking at his mouth when he talks. He makes this certain lip movement EVERYTIME he is going to “lie” about something haha. Unfortunately, sharing the news via text message…no one could actually see Adam to see if he was telling the truth, lol. So it did take quite a bit of convincing for them to believe it….but when they did…this is what they said:

1 2  3

4  6

7   10

8  911


Later that day, or maybe even that week I told a few of my close friends who I knew would ask me how the appointment went, here is their responses:

12 12a


13    14

15    19

20a   20b

20c   24

26 25


Its quite comical the response we hear when someone hears WE are expecting QUINTUPLETS!!

Most of the responses are pretty much the same:

shocking loud laughs

“are you kidding me?!?!?!”

“y’all need a tv show”

“do I say congrats??”

“how are you going to do this”

“what did Blayke say”

“you need a bigger car and house”

“holy cow! the diapers!!!”


As I type this post, this really makes me laugh…memories already. It is awesome hearing what everyone else thinks when they aren’t actually going through it, lol. But I do have to say…I remember thinking and feeling everyone’s exact reactions! TOTAL SHOCK!!