About Our Blog

We are “The Busby’s”, Adam and Danielle, from little ‘ol Lake Charles, Louisiana. Shortly after we were married we moved off to the big city of Houston, Texas (about 9 years ago). We have always loved children and feel like we have had a gift of being great with kids. It was only natural for us to have a deep desire to be parents. After well over a year of trying to conceive, we realized that we have a problem with infertility. We would do whatever it took to get pregnant, so we started the long process of fertility treatments. We went over a year, trying different drugs and IUI procedures with no luck. Not able to do IVF because we had depleted our savings after the many months of IUI procedures and fertility specialists visits we completely laid it at God’s feet and said that we would try one last time.

We thank God for allowing that last procedure to work and giving us our daughter, Blayke. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter little princess. She has been our world for the last 3 years, but that desire to grow our family never ceased.

After trying again on our own for months, we knew that we would have to undergo the same round of procedures for Baby #2. Having most of the guesswork out of the way from the last time, our Doctor started Danielle out with the same regiment that she was on when we were pregnant with Blayke. It worked just after two months!

Never would we have imagined the plan that God had for us in our journey to grow our little family. We were definitely in shock when we received the big SURPRISE that we are pregnant with Quintuplets! Yes, THAT MEANS FIVE BABIES!

We instantly outgrew everything that we own after one ultrasound visit. What a blessing to see and hear 5 little heartbeats, but also extremely overwhelming when trying to wrap our minds around everything that will come with having 5 babies all at once. We are holding on to our faith and convictions as followers of Christ and refuse to abort over half of our babies per the medical doctors advice.

Everyday is something new to face with all the ups and downs we are and will be going through. We created this blog site to share our story and to let people follow us on our surprise journey.

<3 Enjoy.