Month: March 2016

  • Stuff! Stuff! and MORE STUFF!! My Must Have Baby Items!

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    As a mom of quintuplets, you can image the amount of ‘things’ we need and use daily. We have tried so many different brands of products and I have found that some brands work better than others….in my opinion 😉 Plus there are so many others who ask me ‘what do you use for this…

  • 11 Month Old Busby Quints

    11 Month Old Busby Quints

    Welcome to 11 months old! AHHHHHHH!!!! We have officially entered into the wild, crazy, hectic, everywhere stage. The girls have figured out how to crawl and now we can’t make them stay still. Feeding the girls their bottle, changing their clothes and diapers…used to not seem “that bad” but now having five mobile babies….omg! makes what…