Month: January 2016

  • Social Media…. Family Book

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    Sometimes Facebook and Instagram can be…of course fun…but sometimes it can be … well…annoying?? (Don’t know if that’s the right word, lol…but you know what I mean.) All the social media pages can easily become an addiction for a short time…or way too much time.  However,  this morning I started scrolling through my Blog (it’s a…

  • Space? Yes, Please!

    Space? Yes, Please!

    What a crazy busy couple of weeks it has been in Buzz World! We sold our home, packed up our entire life and moved to our brand new house…all within a 3 week span. That’s Right!! GO ahead…. imagine what that was like with quintuplets…lol. We were pretty stressed out during Thanksgiving week when our…

  • 9 Months Old Busby Quints

    9 Months Old Busby Quints

    These girls are growing like crazy…where has time gone??? Since I missed posting month 8…there is so much that has happened in the last two months. We love all the ‘new’ things happening. It is so fun to see them all grow and their personalities become more and more noticeable.   Ava Lane has become…