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  • 13 Things About Parker Kate

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    Food: Broccoli, Tomatoes….annnnnd Kolachee (This is true, she is a good veggie eater like Blayke. The only quint we dont have to fight with to try veggies!) Drink: apple juice … and root beer at Nana & Papas house Color: pink and red Toy: Legos (I’m pretty sure its dress up dresses & babydolls…dont know where legos came from ..…

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    13 Things About Ava Lane

    One down and five more 13 things about ‘me’ to go. Next up is Ava!(And all these answers were direct from Ava. I LOVE her advise!!!) Food: Chicken Drink:  Ice cold water(This girl love ice cold water just like her mama) Color: Pink Toy: Purses Song: Rewrite the Stars(Ava sings this song all day every day!!) Movie: The Greatest…