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It still tickles me that we have the life we have today…where someone actually wants to interview me for a magazine. As crazy as it sounds, I often forget that people “know” who we are … and that we actually have a TV show on TLC. I dont’t find my life that ‘interesting’ (lol), BUT I DO find it … extraordinary. I love the life we have today, mostly because it is filled with never ending laughter, hugs and kisses, and SIX sweet baby faces (yes, Blayke is still a baby to me..MY BABY). We have been on one amazing journey since the day we found out we were pregnant with quintuplets. It was a pleasure to be featured as one of the FACES of the South for StyleBlueprint and I want to thank StyleBlueprint for wanting to capture a bit of our life for us to remember in the years to come.



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